Natural Stones Protection Bracelet (Tiger Eye, Howlite, Turquoise, Lava Stone)


Metal Color

Natural Stones Protection Bracelet


The Tiger Eye's name comes from the animal itself. Its sparkling color evokes the iris and the fur of the tiger.
Tiger Eye is the perfect name for this stone because it's a symbol of strength and protection in the chinese culture, just like the stone.
In the Middle Ages, Tiger Eye was worn as talisman, as a symbol of protection.
It's a protection stone keeping the negative energy away.
Its effect is sending back the negative energy to its sender.
It will help you to get more self-confidence, being more creative and reduce your fears.
It will help you to open yourself to others.
As a matter of fact, it will help you to be more sociable.
This stone is connected to the chakra of the celiac plexus. It will help you to get your stability back.


Caracteristics :


Choose your stone : Tiger Eye, Howlite, Turquoise, Lava Stone

Pearl size : 8 mms (diameter)

Bracelet's Length : 19 cms

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