Natural Stones Dreamcatcher Talisman (8 models)

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Magnificent Natural Stones Dreamcatcher Talisman (8 models)
7 Models with a stone, 1 without stone.


Draw the bad dreams out of your room with this beautiful homemade amerindian water feathers' dreamcatcher.

The dreamcatcher is an item used in the amerindian myths and legends. 
Weaved as a cobweb, it will filter all the dreams passing through it.
Good dreams will go in the feathers and remain in the room, but bad dreams will be captured in the pearls.
When the sun rises, all the bad dreams will disappear !

7 Models : Amethyst, Aventurine, Rock-Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Red Garnet, Turquoise & Opal.

Diameter : 26 mms
Length : Adjustable from 42 cms to 47 cms
Materials: Natural Stones
Setting : Zinc, Silver Plate

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