Ebony Keychain (Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum)

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In the tibetan monks' culture, the "Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum" Mantra has a very strong healing power. It's one of the most famous mantras. They say that all the teaching of Buddha is contained in it.

Its translation means "In tribute to the Lotus' Jewel"

Prayer pearls are used in many religious cultures : Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam...

This mala bracelet is also decorative, simple but magnificent !

  • Om : Univers' vibration. Cutting ties and holding your ego to make place for generosity.
  • Ma : Keeps jealousy away and helps you to find your patience.
  • Ni : Keeps desire away and helps you to find your perseverance.
  • Pad : Keeps conventional wisdom away and helps you to find your own wisdom.
  • Me : Keeps possessiveness away and helps you to find your concentration.
  • Hum : Keeps resentment away and helps you to find general wisdom.

Om: Purifies the happiness
Ma: Purifies the jealousy
Ni: Purifies passion and desire
Pad: Purifies ignorance and conventional wisdom
Me: Purifies greed and possessiveness
Hum: Purifies agressiveness & hate

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