Real Tiger Eye Vintage Ring

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Magnificent Real Tiger Eye Vintage Ring

  • The Tiger Eye's name comes from the animal itself. Its sparkling color evokes the iris and the fur of the tiger.
  • Tiger Eye is the perfect name for this stone because it's a symbol of strength and protection in the chinese culture, just like the stone.
  • In the Middle Ages, Tiger Eye was worn as talisman, as a symbol of protection.
  • It's a protection stone keeping the negative energy away.
  • Its effect is sending back the negative energy to its sender.
  • It will help you to get more self-confidence, being more creative and reduce your fears.
  • It will help you to open yourself to others.
  • As a matter of fact, it will help you to be more sociable.
  • This stone is connected to the chakra of the celiac plexus. It will help you to get your stability back.

Weight : 0.5 grams
Material :  Tiger Eye & Silver/Zinc
Sizes :
To know your ring size, wind up a thread around your finger to measure its circumference in millimeters. Then, check below :

United States & Canada UK, Europe & Australia CN/SG/JP HK Switzerland Circumferences(mm)
6 0.5L 11 13 12.75 51.9
7 0.5N 14 16 15.25 54.4
8 0.5P 16   17.75 57
9 0.5R 18 20.5   59.5
10 0.5T 20 23   62.1

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