6 Mantras Onyx Pearls Zodiac Signs Bracelet

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Zodiac Sign

Onyx is a symbol of root. It's a stability and strengthening stone.
It's associated with the root Chakra (1st chakra) that contains the vital energy, called "Kundalini". It helps to get self-confidence and self-control back.  

Acting as a catalyst, it will help you in your meditation, helping you to find what you search for, to defini the true value of everything in your life.

Onyx is a Karma purificator. That means it will help you to purify your soul from the traumas of the actions of your current life and of your previous lifes.

Onyx has also some protections powers for teeths and mouth, sharpening your 5 senses and your speech qualities.



In the Antiquity, Onyx was first a category of chalcedony stones, but some of them were lighter. It's a long time later that only the darkest calcedony stone will be considered as an Onyx. 

This stone was one of the most appreciated stones in Rome, used to craft cameos and seals, because wax wasn't sticking on it.

Wearing this smart Onyx Pearls Bracelet associated with a 6 Mantras Pendant will offer you stability and self-confidence. It may help you to evacuate your negative emotions.
It will help you to focus on yourself and to reach the goal of your meditation.

12 pendants, one for each zodiac sign are available.

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