2 Handmade Tibetan Bracelet

$24.99 $45.00

Metal Color
2 X 16 CM -18 CM
2 X 19 CM - 21 CM
Main Stone Color

Set of 2 Magnificent Handmade Tibetan Lucky Charm Bracelets
These Bracelets are made by buddhist tibetan monks.
Each of them contains good vibrations because of the mantras used during the production.
They hold a powerful spiritual energy bringing luck to the persons who believe in its powers.
We advise you to wear it on the left wrist because, in the buddhist tradition, right hand is a symbol of evilness and dirtiness, but the left hand is the receiving side of our souls.
Each purchase contains 2 bracelets because one of them must be offered to an important person, as tradition dictates.
  • Set of 2 Bracelets
  • Handmade by tibetan monks.
  • 2 sizes : 16 cms (adjustable : from 18 cms to 21 cms).
  • You can choose to pick one of each size. 
  • Close it easily with the ceramic bulbs.
Wearing this bracelet will bring you luck when you'll face difficult times and will bring good vibrations to you. Offer it to someone you care about as a sign of affection. 

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